What's The
Deal With This
Welcome to
Right now, you're probably asking yourself, what is Lustyville? Well Lustyville is the home of an
author named Lustyville. I use the name LT Ville for my published b

I specialize in g
ay fiction, but I dabble in other genres as well and this is my official author's
website. It isn't anything glamorous, just my blog
, some of my stories, my poetry, links to my
published books and shameless plugs for my small t-shirt store and my gay sex toy shop
. The
main goal of this website is to promote my writing.

Here's the deal:

I would appreciate any comments or critiques.
As of now, this site is still a work in progress so
this is a preview of where the site is going. Please let me know what you like and what you don't
Feel free to find me on Twitter @lustyville or contact me at

I tried to add a little bit for everyone.
Please check out my personal blog, some of my short
stories, my group, my books and my stores.